Whitestone Dome Tempered Glass for Samsung S9 Plus - is it Worth its Price?

Unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy S9 plus comes with an inevitable debate about the best way to keep this expensive yet beautiful phone safe. To some people, they are just contented with just being careful with their phones to avoid scuffs and cracks, while others are just better off staying safer than feeling sorry later.

Protecting the curved display of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is not an easy tasks-however, the Whitestone Dome tempered glass protector flex well around to the edge of curved displays even better.


Why is Whitestone the best possible solution?

Let us take a quick glance at what some of the merits of Whitestone Dome Glass has over other tempered glass protectors.


The Whitestone Dome Glass is unique due to its Fs: Full clear, full cover, Full touch and Full fix. Some of the tempered glasses may have some of the above features, but no tempered glass protector has the four in one like Whitestone Dome Glass protector.


Besides, the Whitestone screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus uses a proprietary UV adhesive installation to ensure a perfect fit for your device. In addition, it features a 9H hardness that offers absolute protection, while at the same time maintaining 100% touch sensitivity.


Why Buy Whitestone Dome Glass Protector?

  • It has a 9H hardness for shock resistance and superior scratch.
  • It cuts blue light b about 25% to protect your eyes.
  • Easy to remove.
  • Whitestone Dome glass has an Oleophobic surface coating that provides fingerprint resistance.
  • The ultraviolet light and adhesive nature guarantee full protection.
  • The signature Whitestone Dome Glass covers the entire display screen.
  • It can as well be applied to broken glass.


Full Adhesive and Easy to Fix

The ultra-tough and form-fitting glass protector form Whitestone utilizes an ingenious way of installation that involves a grippy, clean and ultralight adhesive curing for bonding. Installing and securing your screen protector is a breeze in the park with Whitestone protector. In no to time, you will be done with installing the resilient and robust tempered glass for every inch of your device precious display.


The Whitestone Dome Glass protector is a full fix. It, therefore, means that the screen will get fixed just by having the protector glass on your device. However, it worthy to note that, it will not amend screens that have been poorly shattered, but will fix scratches with the liquid adhesive technology in which the liquid will get in the areas that need to be fixed.


Having all these features makes Whitestone Dome glass a fantastic screen protector. Besides, it has an international patent for LOCA. Thanks to their liquid adhesive and curing process, an adhesive is on all the areas even on the edges of the screen.


The main point of having Whitestone Glass is having protection on your device without having to know about it.


Perfect Clarity

With some glass protectors, you get a dot matrix. The dot matrix is like little dots on surrounding the screen to give it a better touch. With Whitestone, this is not the case as you get a clear glass that curates well with your screen and gives it the relative sensitivity that your screen deserves.

Samsung S9 clear glass


Perfect Touch Sensitivity

Whitestone screen protector maintains the touch sensitivity correctly with its liquid adhesive technology. With the adhesive technology, you can enjoy feeling touch as if there is no screen protector. Other protectors have sticky only on the edges, which causes the screen to lift a bit. With Whitestone Dome Glass puts the adhesive liquid on all areas thus, all the areas of the phone are touchable with no problems.


Easy to Remove

Should the occasion to remove the tempered glass arise, Whitestone Dome Glass is easy to remove and change in the future. By sliding your business card or fingernails, you can remove the protector away from your display. After which you give the screen a little wipe, and it will look brand new.


Case compatibility

The Whitestone Dome Glass is compatible with most of the Samsung S9 plus covers. Thus, there is no need to worry much about compatibility issues. However, the recommended case size is 71.95x154.15 mm.

In summary, it is worthy to be cautious than to regret later. Hence, the Whitestone Dome Glass tempered glass is the surest way to protect your Samsung S9 Plus devices. Due to its adhesiveness and flashy design look, you will never regret buying it.

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