Whitestone Dome Tempered Glass for Samsung S10 - Does it really work with the Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor?

Samsung Galaxy S10 is an absolute powerhouse that's deserving of your money and time. From its stunning AMOLED display, on-screen fingerprint sensor, and three rear cameras, the S10 has something unique for everyone. Although sleek with a gorgeous design, the screen covers the full face of the phone; thus making it susceptible and easy to scratch. If you are looking to protect Samsung Galaxy S10+. You will require a screen protector that works with the new ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

 White Dome tempered screen glass protectors

Today, most smartphones with in-display fingerprint readers use an optical sensor that looks at the fingerprint. However, Samsung's case is different. They wanted to offer a more secure solution; hence they bounce the ultrasonic sound waves in the display to read your fingerprint. Unfortunately, though, this type of fingerprint reader limits the protection choices you have.


Although the technology looks futuristic and unique, it limits the screen protectors that work with Galaxy S10 device. This is due to the fact that most tempered glass options have gaps between the screen proctor and the display. When used, the ultrasonic sensor sound waves are blocked or get distorted by the air gap between the display and screen protector, causing the sensor not to function properly.


Should this be a cause of worry?

Well, there is no cause of alarm even if you do not like plastic sensor screen protectors. Thanks to the patented LOCA (Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive) present in the Whitestone Dome Tempered Glass Screen Protector. The screen protector is designed to work perfectly well with the latest Samsung Flagships and the Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor. If you have the new Samsung flagship devices, Whitestone dome tempered glass is the option guaranteed to be compatible with your device. Do not take a gamble with any other screen protector, else you risk being frustrated by the new technology on your device.


How does it work?

Unlike other screen protectors that come with sticky strips around the edges, the Whitestone Dome tempered screen protector uses liquid adhesive. By this, it ensures that the compound covers the entire front of the device, therefore, leaving no gaps between the tempered glass and the screen.


How to install the protector

The installation process for the protector is a little in-depth than just pressing the piece of glass on your device. In order to install the glass, follow the included instructions by placing the Galaxy S10 in alignment with the case. Then release the liquid adhesive onto the display while setting the Dome Tempered glass screen protector onto your device.

 whitedome tempered glass

In order to finish the installation process, Whitestone provides a UV light to help cure the liquid adhesive. Besides, it is recommended that you follow the curing process to the latter in order to ensure that the screen protector has fully fitted and adhered to the device. Although the process might sound hard, it is straightforward with easy to follow instructions that yield results in a perfectly-fitting manner.

Besides, the glass protector offers edge-to-edge protection with a touch sensitivity that is precise just like you were using the phone by itself without a screen protector. I addition, it offers an oleophobic coating that reduces and other grimes from building up on the screen of your device. 


Tip: It is worthy to note that you should register your fingerprints after the installation of the protector. This will help you determine whether the glass will work on your device or not. 


Notably, Dome Tempered glasses are always not the cheapest protectors in the market, however, if you want Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint features without having to settle for less technology, then you will have to part with more to get your device protected. But, is there an alternative to Whitestone dome tempered glass screen protector?


Well, in some circumstances, you can still use plastic screen protectors with Galaxy S10. If the exorbitant price tag on Whitestone dome Tempered glass is scaring you, you can still use plastic screen protectors instead, they will still work on your ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. In fact, did you know that Samsung always pre-installs a basic plastic screen protector on every unit of their devices?


There are a couple of downsides taking the route of plastic screen protectors. Your phone will be more prone to scratches. Besides, the protector is known to wear down over time since plastic is not as durable as tempered glass. The wear and tear will give you a considerable worse viewing experience. Besides, the installation might be harder since you have to get it right on the screen without any air bubbles. Moreover, depending on the quality of the plastic screen protector used, it might not give you the natural feel as a tempered glass option. Nonetheless, the good news is, plastic screen protectors are relatively cheap.

samsung galaxy 10 

Final verdict

Does Whitestone Dome Tempered Screen Glass Protectors work all the time? With certainty, NOT ALL THE TIME. Most users of Whitestone dome glasses on the Samsung S10 have reported numerous challenges with the protector. In fact, most reviews are negative about this product, yet it is one that harbors the solution for the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. In order to get the most out of this expensive, yet worthy protector one needs to be very careful during the installation process. Most of the frustrations people face with this protector is not being able to follow the installation procedure to the latter, thus messing up during the process.