2018 was the year where Apple, Microsoft, and Google, all took out the big guns and served some of their best products yet, but most of them fell short in terms of novelty. Nevertheless, heavy presage indicates that 2019 will be a wondrous era for new innovations, and we’ve got the lowdown on what the biggest flagships have to offer in terms of hardware.

Apple in 2019

We saw some grand upgrades to Apple’s iPhones in 2018, but the company left everyone eagerly waiting for the newest version of the iMac. As always, all is left up to anticipations and hopes when it comes to Apple.

New Mac Pro

The new Mac pro has long been awaited, and is expected to drop in 2019. However, as per Apple’s traditions, the exact date is still unknown. The only thing we’re sure of is it will be upgradable and modular.

Upcoming hardware from google Apple and Microsoft

New MacBooks

We will surely come across the new MacBook Pro, and the new MacBooks are expected to have the new Intel silicon, but it looks like there’s a long way to go till we see Apple’s domestic processors.

iPhone XI

It seems like Apple’s bound to stick with their ‘a new iPhone every year’ philosophy. The rumour mill believes it will be lighter and thinner than its predecessors, and there are also talks about Apple incorporating its own exclusive modem.

New iPads

It’s hard to overpower the iPad Pro, which is a mighty beast in all aspects. But Apple is expected to up its game with a bezel-less design in the new iPad, and there’s also rumours of highly anticipated iPad mini dropping sometime next year.

Google in 2019

With the release of the Pixel 3 and the Google Pixel Slate, it was a stimulating year for Google. The company is expected to make improvements in its home entertainment department, and to get into making tablets again.

Pixelbook 2

 With the release of the Google Pixel Slate, Google tried its hand at the best of both worlds by pleasing tablet and Chromebook fans alike. It was truly loved, but consumers still want another Pixelbook in the market.

Google Pixel 4

It is too soon to predict what the next instalment of the Pixel phones will hold, but enthusiasts want Google to focus on camera and software departments the most.

Mid-range Pixel phones

Who doesn’t like an affordable handset with all the flagship features? Looks like Google will answer our prayers with its line of mid-range Pixel phones.

Microsoft in 2019

Like Apple, even Microsoft is pretty discrete in terms of its new innovations, but we’ve narrowed down some predictions.

Surface Book 3

Its 2017 version still remains one of the strongest contenders for laptops in the market. The Surface Book 3 is supposed to be ground-breaking, with its Intel 9th-generation processors, and impressive Nvidia Turing graphics.

Surface Phone

We’ve all got our eyes peeled for the Surface Phone for years now, and analysts are hopeful that it will blow everyone’s minds when if it drops next year.