Virtual Reality has been a dream for many for countless years but now it is an easily achievable phenomenon, thanks to the breakthroughs in modern technology. VR headsets allow you to transcend the boundaries of time and space while sitting on your living room couch. This truly fascinating experience was revolutionized in 2016 with the release of noteworthy headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. There are several other options in the VR landscape now but here are our top three picks of headgears that allow you to have a true 3D experience.

Top VR Headsets

1. HTC Vive

This powerful tethered headset by HTC is still topping the lists due to its remarkable features. With six-degrees-of-freedom (6DOF) motion tracking, Vive offers accurate tracking in an area of a 10-foot cube. The machine picks up even the slightest movements, owing to its impressive motion tracking and 32 headset sensors. The laser tracking system allows you greater freedom than any other VR headset to move around the designated space. You can not only walk freely but also lean, crouch and duck, all while enjoying the immersive technology. With a 110 degree of field view, a camera for obstacle detection and a 2160 x 1200 OLED display, HTC Vive offers an interactive and responsive virtual reality experience like no other. It comes with two handheld motion controllers, highly intuitive tracking devices and a pair of earbuds. The price tag is a little hefty at $500 but its stunning resolution and precise accuracy make up for it.

2. Microsoft Hololens

Offering a whole new world of creativity and imagination, the world’s first self-contained, untethered holographic computer allows you to create life-like holograms, revolutionizing the 3D experience. The futuristic device is equipped with 12 sensors including four microphones and 4 environment-sensitive cameras. It also includes an ambient light sensor, two holographic lenses, a depth camera, and a custom holographic processing unit. This wireless machine can not only be used efficiently for business, but it can also integrate with Xbox and PC to offer a new dimension of gaming. Offering an incredible handsfree interaction and a combination of the real and virtual world as never seen before, Microsoft Hololens is priced at $5000 for commercial customers.

3. Oculus Rift

The first big name in the world of virtual reality is still a major player in the field, owing to its vivid display, brilliant resolution and a 5x11 feet tracking area. Similar to HTC Vive, it also features a 2160 x 1200 OLED display, a 90 Hz refresh rate and offers a 110 degree-field of view allowing greater interaction and vision. The headset features a state-of-the-art integrated audio system providing high-quality sound, which allows the device to offer not only a stunning visual experience but an auditory one as well. It comes with two Oculus Touch controllers and a standalone remote for navigating through the volume and other menus. Oculus Rift offers complete customization allowing users to comfortably position it on their heads. Although you need a powerful computing system to set it, the device itself comes with an affordable price tag of $399.