The Best-Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

With impressive features such as an AI-powered camera, the Galaxy Note 9 is arguably one of the biggest and best phones in 2018. The 6.4-inch screen on the Note 9 can easily break when a screen protector is not on the phone. Screen protectors made of tempered glass are proving to be useful on most of the smartphones released recently. Here are seven tempered glass screen protectors you can get for your Note 9.

 Whitestone Dome Glass

$45 can get you a seamless screen protector primarily made from scratch-resistant tempered glass. The Whitestone Dome Glass curves to fit the screen of your Galaxy Note 9. It is also resistant to oily marks and fingerprints thanks to the oleophobic coating used to treat it. You will need to expose the screen protector to UV light for it to give a tight and close fit.

 tempered glass for note 9

 Zizo Tempered Glass

Retailing at $20, Zizo Tempered Glass is a 0.33m- screen protector made of extremely hard tempered glass. It is ideal for protecting your newly purchased Galaxy Note 9 from drops or scratches. It comes with a curved design that allows it to fit perfectly around the edges of your phone. With a bubble-free application method, Zizo Tempered Glass is easy to install.

 tempered glass for note 9

 Otterbox Alpha Glass

It will cost you about $45 to get the Otterbox Alpha Glass, which is among the hardest screen protectors on the market today. Alpha Glass primarily contains scratch-resistant tempered glass. It also contains a special coating that ensures the screen protector does not shatter when broken. Otterbox released Alpha Glass with a goal of giving Note 9 users a screen protector that does not interfere with their phone’s touch sensitivity.

 tempered glass for note 9

 AisaniCandy Screen Protector

With a retail price of $10, AisaniCandy Screen Protector is one of the most affordable accessories you can get for your Note 9. It features a shatter-resistant and scratch-resistant tempered glass that is thin enough for fit on your phone’s screen. The manufacturer guarantees you that the cameras on top of the screen will work after installing the AisaniCandy protector. It also takes less effort to install it.

 screen protector for note 9

 SUPTMAX Tempered Glass Screen Protector

You will spend about $15 to get the tempered screen protector from SUPTMAX. The product works well with Note 9 features such as face unlock. It also does not tamper with the front cameras or sensors. The screen protector features an oleophobic coating for shielding your Note 9 against scratches and fingerprints.

 tempered screen protector

 Vigeer Tempered Glass

Vigeer Tempered Glass is among the most affordable Note 9 screen protectors made of tempered glass. The screen protector offers a thin tempered and reinforced glass with a thickness of 0.33mm. It is also among the few tempered glass screen protectors with a 9H hardness rating that are under $6 in price. It assures you of bubble-free installation and top-notch protection on your phone.

 screen protector for note 9

InVishield True Fit 

If you looking to protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 screen, then look no further. InVishield True Fit is a perfectly shaped to fit your device while maintaining maximum protection for your display. It uses a proprietary UV adhesive that cures under UV light. Besides, the UV Adhesive has been specially formulated to ensure the correct viscosity for ease of control and installation. Moreover, the protector has a perfect strength to withstand rigors of daily usage without causing bubbles appearing. The process of installing this tempered glass is easy and straightforward. Just in case anything goes wrong, the device comes with a second application of LOCA.

invishield tempered glass

ESR Tempered Glass 2-Pack

The ESR Tempered Glass is three times stronger and durable than most Note 9 screen protectors. The product comes in a pack of two, which offers double protection to your phone. ESR Tempered Glass gained popularity after the Galaxy Note 8 was available for purchase. With a retail price of $13.99, the product promises to work as a full-coverage screen protector on your Note 9.


Summing Up

You can find hundreds of tempered glass screen protectors on the market without breaking a sweat. However, most of these products are not as strong or durable as the manufacturers say they are. The above list gives you seven options to choose from when looking for a strong and durable tempered glass screen protector for your Galaxy Note 9.