The Best Covers For Your Samsung S10 In 2019

The powerful tool S10, despite expected shortcomings, will be everyone’s favorite. If you want the camera, then this portable device will do you wonders. By investing in a good cover, then you will not blame Samsung for the high price tag. The article describes some of the top cases for the anticipated flagship. Read on!

Samsung S10 best phone covers in the market today

a. X-Doria Defense

Many times the rugged phone cases end up with a dull and flat look. The company X-Doria has gone out to offer such cases for your S10. The shield comes with a military grade frame for drop safety. Yes, the features help keep your screen from shattering.

b. Olixar Gel Case

Olixar will suit your budget when considering something modest for protection. The manufacturer guarantees durability from the slim-fitting gel case. The material used gives a non-slip covering and reduced scratches on the bezels. The flexible design is among the examples with striking color options.

c. Speck Presidio

Speck is famous for the tons of Samsung cases, and Presidio is one that is in the market. With a color labeled as Bella Pink with Gold Glitter, the cover looks elegant. You also get a grippy textured design, and double layers give added shield. The thin design also allows the Qi wireless charging.

d. CoverOn Series

Mobile wallets are beautiful, especially when you need real cash for bills. CoverOn suits yours day outs due to the cash or credit card slots. What is more, the door above the space keeps your valuables from the public. The door comes handy when you look to watch a movie from your S9. The TPU rubber coat inside and polycarbonate outside guards your phone.

e. Spigen S10 Cover

For extreme protection to your new S10, then the Spigen case is excellent. Your device gets added safety from the four layers and stays sound. The cover does not add weight due to the reduced size. Thus very pocket-friendly.

For you to retain your new smart phone’s original look, never settle for dull designs. The Spigen will be the best one fitting your phone among the choices. You will love the elegant color, dazzling frame, and smooth feel.