The best 4 Nokia 8.1 cases and covers

Nokia has the legacy of launching unforgettable glories in the past. But even today there is a series of superb Android-powered phones. Yes, the most recent release Nokia 8.1 is here and better than before. The powerful gadget is full of style, wider screen, and an efficient price tag. Unfortunately, there is no plan for the flagship to come with a shatterproof display. So, whenever you get one, then you need to keep it safe. Here are the top Nokia 8.1 cases to consider.

 Nokia 8.1 cases

a.Avidet Clear Case

Avidet provides a range of colors and a durable aluminum frame. With it, you cannot afford to hide your Nokia 8.1 from the admiring crowd. The clear and soft TPU is protecting and soft to absorb any impacts from shocks and drops. Your phone gets excellent protection from threats due to the raised edges. The TPU enhances grip and keeps your phone in your hand.


b. Olixar Leather-Style Wallet Case

Wallet cases are always a perfect choice to protect and add style. Olixar has the best and durable materials like PU leather and polyurethane outside. The cover folds over the screen while you are not using and makes a convenient horizontal stand. The slot within enables you to walk wallet free as you can keep cash, credit cards, and travel tickets.


c. Sleo Rubberized Hard Case

The hard case from Sleo has a durable and light polycarbonate material. With it, you feel no added bulk to your Nokia 8.1 but snaps to the phone’s frame to attach. The cover has a soft hydrophobic coating as a treatment to give the non-slip properties. Not only is the screen protected from hazards, but it also resists smudges and water droplets.


d.  Thinkart  Carbon Fiber-style Rugged Case

Thinkart has a TPU material to guarantee expected absorbency and resistance. The design has added airbags on the corners, and anti-slip feel from the exterior. The case is light and great looking due to the brushed metal and carbon fiber-style pieces.


Finally, protection should not be bulky but give all-around safety. The Avidet case shields against impact shocks and direct hazards on your Nokia 8.1 the material used enhances grip to your phone while protecting the entire body. The bargain price makes it an excellent option for every Nokia 8.1 owner.