Rumors have been flying about the release of a foldable smartphone for the past few years, but it has recently been confirmed by Samsung that there is indeed one in the near future. At a conference held on November 7, 2018, Samsung disclosed the arrival of the next breakthrough in the mobile industry. Although an official name or a release date has not been confirmed at the moment, Samsung Galaxy F, is due to hit the markets in 2019. Samsung officials have chosen not to reveal a lot of information about the phone yet but here is what we know so far about the futuristic device.

Samsung Galaxy F

Display and Design

The highly anticipated foldable phone will consist of two separate display screens to achieve its look. An external display or the “cover display” as dubbed by Samsung will be 4.58 inch whereas the internal display will be an astounding 7.3 inches. The resolution of the main screen is said to be 1536 x 2152 (4:2:3) and the smaller screen will have an 840 x 1960 (21:9) resolution. The inclusion of two screens will allow users to interact with the device whether folded or unfolded. While folded, the device can be used as a smartphone and it transitions seamlessly into a tablet as the device unfolds. Unlike the latest trends the external screen will come with large bezels and the overall proportions of the phone seemed ungainly. However, Samsung has assured the actual device will live up to the expectations. Additionally, thanks to Samsung’s advanced software One UI, three apps can be viewed at the same time.

This magnet for tech-lovers will not only look but also feel different from other high-end flagships as the display will not be OLED. As glass does not meet the requirements of a foldable phone due to its inflexibility, the Infinity Flex Display will be protected by a pliable and tough polymer. The several display layers will be laminated with a new, foldable adhesive that will allow the screen to be folded multiple times without cracking. However, this will strip the phone of an in-display fingerprint scanner as it will be difficult to do so with this new screen technology.


There are claims suggesting Galaxy F will be powered by the unreleased Snapdragon 8150 chipset which will be the first by Qualcomm to have its own dedicated neural processing unit (NPU).


Notchless, for starters, the placement of the front camera will be on the right side of the top bezel. There will also be symmetrical bottom bezel on the curved device.


According to reports, the estimated price of Galaxy F will be as high as $1,770. An official claimed this astronomical price is justified as it is an exclusive phone with its advanced design and revolutionary technology. Samsung aims to ship 500,000 to 1 million units in 2019. Apart from being incredibly expensive, Galaxy F will be mainly marketed to affluent 40-somethings. There are also rumors that it might be exclusive to the UK only since talks with the British carrier EE are in proceeds.