Do not use plastic straws

Plastic Straw Alternatives: Why You Should Use Them

Reusable straws are currently gaining popularity due to the environmental concerns of plastic straws. Be sure to have a reusable straw with you when you will be sipping your favorite drink. It may be a bamboo, glass, paper or stainless steel straw. Read on to learn more about plastic straw alternatives, and why you should start using them.

glass straw alternative to plastic straws

 Glass Straws

It may come as a surprise but glass straws are eliminating the need to dispose of straws all the time. You will realize that they are of great importance when it comes to the components of food people consume. Glass can resist the erosion caused by acidity making it the perfect option for straws used to sip acidic drinks. Glass straws also have a borosilicate material in them for resisting heat.


Unlike metal straws, glass ones are transparent hence making it easier for you to see what you are sipping. You can get one if you are a fan of acidic drinks such as black coffee, fruit vinegar, lemonade or soda. You can also get one for a kid who is old enough to handle it with care. You will not need to clean the product every time you use it.

stainless steel straws alternative to plastic straws

Stainless Steel Straws

Stainless steel straws are the most hygienic reusable straws in the market today. They can shield your enamel against juice that is erosive. Unlike the plastic ones, stainless steel straws do not leak plasticizer or heavy metal when in use. They contain durable materials for resisting corrosion and oxidation.


Stainless steel straws made of food grade material are affordable and safe for use. You will not worry about cleaning them all the time. However, they are prone to scratches and heat. They are not a good option for handling drinks with fatty acids or sulphuric acid.

titanium straws use them as an alternative to plastic straws

 Titanium Straws

Though it is among the most expensive straw materials, titanium is poreless. It is also the safest material for making straws since it does not discharge heavy metals or corrode with acids. Titanium straws are light in weight and colorful. They will not make your cup tilt when you are enjoying your favorite drink.


You can buy them for your kids to prevent their exposure to toxins. They are ideal for drinking beverages of all kinds. Though their retail price is quite high, they are worth buying if protecting yourself from toxins is among your health goals.

bamboo straws alternative to plastic straws

 Bamboo Straws

If you are enthusiastic about nature, chances are that the bamboo straws will please you. Their bodies contain 100 percent natural materials such as the bamboo stick. They are light in weight and more durable than most reusable straws sold in the market. Most of them come in different designs and shapes to suit people's diverse drinking preferences.


Consider getting a bamboo straw if you enjoy cleaning or if you do not like sipping many drinks. Bamboo straws are low-footprint products with a better afterlife. They are also because of sustainable production processes. However, you need to clean and dry them properly to avoid bacteria and mold from attacking them.


 How to Choose Reusable Straws 

The first thing to consider when choosing a reusable straw is the drink you will be consuming. You will need a straw that is 12-mm wide to drink tea and other hot beverages. Always check if the edges at the opening are smooth to ensure that they do not harm your lips. Do not forget to carry your own cup that fits well with your reusable straw when you are at a food joint or outdoor catering facility.


Lifestyle factors to consider when picking a reusable straw include your drinking habits and preferences. You will need a reusable straw if you regularly take drinks and you like cleaning your utensils. You should also get one if you do not want distractions when or after taking your favorite drink. The straw is foldable and lightweight making it easy for you to have it on you all the time. 


 When it comes to hygiene, you should buy a cleaning brush suited for your reusable straw. Most cleaning brushes work well with both narrow (8mm) and wide (12mm) straws. Always rinse the straw when cleaning it. You can also use soap to clean the brush since it is prone to dirt and germs just like your straw.