The iPhone XS Max from Apple was designed and showcased by Apple to be the 12th generation iPhone and be the poster child for what Apple considers as the technology of the future.

Apple has specifically adopted the OLED Screen Display Technology in this iPhone XS Max as well as utilizing a glass back and a stainless steel form factor.

This iPhone comes at the top of the iPhone price range and is extremely expensive. This girl was one of the lucky few whom could afford to get it.

girl smashes iphone while showing it off to her friends

She was really excited about showing off this brand new iPhone XS Max to all her friends and was unboxing it straight after she got it.

While she was opening the box, she had some problems in opening it (Apple you may want to solve this issue) and as the box finally got opened, her friends were all complementing on how good the phone looks and how lucky she was to get it.

iphone xs max drops and shatters to the ground while showing it off to her friends

However this happiness was shortlived and while holding it up, it drops out of the box and falls straight to the ground.

Sadly the screen cracks and also the back glass panel. Looking at the misfortune, she could not help but cry and laugh at the same time.

lucky girl gets unlucky as she drops her iphone xs max while unboxing it

When interviewed, netizens could not help but feel sorry for not the girl, but the iPhone XS Max.

Curtis Lee said: "If I was rich enough to buy this phone, I would never be as clumsy as she was"

George Danfew commented: " Well, only the rich will laugh when they crack their expensive iPhone screen"

cracked iphone xs max photo

Who would expect that fortune will turn into a disaster in just a matter of seconds?