First 11 Things to do after unboxing your Oneplus 6

First 11 Things to do after unboxing your Oneplus 6

Buying the new OnePlus 6 is the first step towards getting the most out of this fantastic Flagship killer. You need to try out all the features that the Oneplus 6 has. You also need to allow yourself time to learn how you can use the features. Explained below are first 11 of the things you should do with the phone after getting it. This includes software tweaks and also Oneplus 6 accessories you should get


Try Out the Face Unlock Feature - Fast, Accurate and a breeze to use

Try Out the Face Unlock Feature Fast Accurate and a breeze to use

The new Face Unlock Feature on the OnePlus 6 helps you secure your phone against unauthorized users. To set up this feature, go to Settings then Security and Lock Screen then Face Unlock. The phone will ask you to input your facial data. It has proven to be amazingly fast and accurate. Though some users have claimed to be able to unlock the Oneplus 6 using a photo, it is still a very good feature for the average user as long as you are not storing any state secrets inside.


Use the Dual VoLTE to Make HD Calls

Use the Dual VoLTE to Make HD Calls

The Dual VoLTE feature on your OnePlus 6 enables you to use both SIM cards to make HD calls. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 mobile platform makes it possible for the feature to work. To use it, first enable the VoLTE option on your SIM cards. Go to the Settings menu to open the SIM settings and switch on VoLTE.


Enable and Use the Navigation Gestures before it comes out in Android P

Enable and Use the Navigation Gestures

The OnePlus 6 proves that software navigation buttons are outdated. The phone comes with navigation gestures just like the iPhone X to improve your experience with it.

To enable these Oneplus 6 gestures, open the Settings menu and then go to Buttons. Adjust the navigation gestures through the Navigation Bar & Gestures options provided. Play around with it like setting up a gesture to turn on the flashlight or another gesture to turn on GPS when required. 


Save Two Versions of the Same Photo

Save Two Versions of the Same Photo

You can use the Dual Photos feature to save two separate versions of a photo you took. The second copy will act as a backup in case you tamper with the first one. To make this possible, open your Camera Settings and then toggle the Save Normal Photo switch. Portrait mode allows you to blur the background as needed but sometimes you may not like the final photo after some time and wish to revert it. By saving the original photo in your Oneplus 6, it allows you to go back to change it as and when you require.


Toggle the Oneplus 6 Notch

oneplus 6 notch or no notch

Your new OnePlus 6 lets you optimize your apps using the notch feature. If you do not like this feature, you can open the Display Settings. Go to the Notch Display where you will find the Hide the Notch Area option. It is entirely your choice if you choose the notch or not. For me personally, it is a great feature and I love having some of the notifications at the additional real estate provided by the Oneplus 6 notch.


Get a Case

Get a case for your Oneplus 6

OnePlus offers several cases to suit the tastes and preferences of OnePlus 6 users. After getting your OnePlus 6, consider buying one of these cases from OnePlus. The designs include cases made from silicone, ebony wood and carbon fiber. 


Check Out the Notification Area

Check Out the Notification Area

The OnePlus 6 is gaining popularity for its tall-aspect ratio screen and lightweight. The phone also comes with an elegant notification area where you will find your app notifications and other controls. With a weight of 177 grams and a 6.28-inch screen, you can comfortably hold your OnePlus 6 as you view your notifications.


Try Using the Headphone Jack

oneplus 6 headphone jack

You can check out the 3.5 mm headphone jack that the OnePlus 6 features. The headphone jack works perfectly with your earphones or headphones. You will get the best audio listening experience while using it. It is a rare feature especially if you are coming straight from the iPhone where the 3.5mm headphone jack has been sorely missed.


Try out the Dash Charging capability on your Oneplus 6

Oneplus 6 dash Charging

OnePlus recommends smartphone users to first charge their newly acquired phones to 100 percent. The OnePlus 6 comes with a standard USB cable and an adapter to charge its 3300mAh battery faster. On a full charge, you can use the phone for about 24 hours. With Dash Charging, you will be amazed at the charging speed if you have never used a Oneplus device before.


Install Your Favorite Apps

oneplus 6 apps to install

The OnePlus 6 features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, up to 256GB internal memory and up to 8GB RAM for optimal performance. The features allow you to run several mobile applications without experiencing any downtimes. After getting the phone, you can immediately install your favorite apps and bask in the pleasure of the blazingly fast speed that the Oneplus 6 loads each and every app. 


Check Out the Alert Slider only found on Oneplus devices

oneplus 6 alert slider

The Alert Slider featured on the OnePlus 6 is unique, simpler and smarter than those on other Android phones. The slider is quite similar to the one found on an iPhone since it comprises of 'silent', 'vibrate' and 'sound on' controls. The controls enable you to set your OnePlus 6 to silent mode or vibration mode depending on what you like. You will also find two volume buttons on the side of your phone for increasing and decreasing the speaker's volume. I really do love it as it is so convenient to just toggle it into Silent Mode anytime you go into a meeting or the cinema and just toggling it back as and when needed at the switch of a button. 



oneplus 6 things to do after unboxing conclusion

The OnePlus 6 lets you perform a number of tasks in addition to the tweaks discussed above. You should be curious about how the phone's features work for you to improve your overall experience with the phone. Feel free to try other tweaks that focus on helping you navigate through the phone's controls. Share with us in the comment section below if you have any other tips or ideas we can all learn and benefit from.