The Taiwanese PC and smartphone company has proven to keep its word, and as a result, we have seen their first gaming smartphone as promised on the Computex 2018. This new phone is being called the ROG phone, model number ZS600KL.

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Price and availability

According to the Asus official representatives, this phone will be first released in the US, UK and APAC region. Although they did not tell us about the pricing of this phone and its availability in other regions.

Asus ROG Phone Review


This device inherits the ROG design language, with sharp lines and black finish, giving it a very “gamer” look. The sensors also have a very unique style, and it comes with a feature using which you can change the color of the ROG logo on these buttons or sensors. Adding to its unique design is the plexiglass back with a metallic section to the right side that houses speaker grilles.

The design makes it very suitable for one hand use with the curved rear edges and its tall body. It becomes very easy to use with one hand.

This phone is specifically designed for gaming purposes, hence the company has excluded the top notch and has inserted another speaker grille indented in the top bezel, and an identical grille in the bottom bezel, both in a reddish-gold color, to continue the stealthy looks of the phone.

Specifications and Performance

As this is a phone made for gaming, good speed is one of the most important features, so the company has used Snapdragon 845.

Not only the speed is important, but it should also have a good screen display, and the manufacturers have truly made no compromise on it. The ROG Phone has a 1080p AMOLED display with 90Hz refresh rate.

While gaming most phones tend to get hot, resulting in frame drop. But in the case of Asus ROG, a new technology of vapor-cooling has been introduced due to which even if the phone gets hot you do not experience any frame drop. In addition to the vapor cooling technology Asus will be bundling a fan accessory with the phone; this attaches to the USB-C ports on the side and helps cool the phone when you're gaming for long periods.

The ROG Phone may also be the loudest smartphone out there today.  Its quality is better than any other smartphone hence taking your gaming experience to a next level.

The smartphone manufacturing companies are now working hard to make gaming phones a new thing. If this phone is a success we are sure that many other companies would follow this lead and launch their gaming phones. These gaming phones will attract a lot of gamers although it is too early to properly review this phone but above is our first impression of this phone.

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