Apple CEO, Tim Cook, recently wrote back to US lawmakers stating that the iPhone does not record any conversations while waiting for the Siri trigger phrase 'Hey Siri'

is siri breaching your privacy

He states that Siri does not share any data that it hears from users.

Apple has come under fair recently after the Samsung Mobile fiasco, where posts in Reddit and Forums were raging about how specific Samsung mobile phone models were sending private photos to their contacts in their phone, randomly due to a bug.

apple and google came under scrutiny

Apple and Google came under scrutiny immediately and lawmakers asked them in July 2018 if their phones were listening to and recording our daily conversations via apps that were waiting for a trigger phrase or command like 'Hey Siri' and 'OK Google'

These apps have access to the microphone in our phone 24/7 and this raises concerns that they were accessing data and conversations beyond what we knowingly meant to pass to them.

permission to access microphone iphone and android

In addition to the response by Tim Cook, Apple also came out to say that their iPhone always asks for microphone access and it is up to the user to approve that request. For third-party apps, they have to disclose and request for access when accessing any hardware on the iPhone, similar to Android phones.

In summary, what Apple is stating is that we gave the permission for these apps to access the microphone and we just have to live with it.

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