SMS spam, also known as the cell phone spam, is basically any junk message delivered to a cell phone through the Short Message Service (SMS). The spam messages can be pretty annoying, but now you don't have to worry about these spam messages, because Google has taken care of it.

Google has introduced a new feature that is in their software, which will help fight against the spam. This feature is not rolling out for everyone just yet but this feature can save users the headache of having to deal with spam texts. Nobody likes spam texts, of course, so the new feature on Google's default messaging app is a godsend for many.

android spam messages

How does it work?

According to the Android Police, this feature is still limited to some devices because reportedly only a few people have reported getting this new update, but those who have this feature tell that they get an update notification on opening the messaging app that announces the new setting and reads, “To help protect against spam some data about your messages, but not any content, is sent to Google.”

This spam alert feature is optional, you can easily turn it on or turn it off depending on our preference. All you have to do is get into your Advanced section of Android setting menu and toggle it on or off.

Once you turn on the spam protection, your data information is sent to Google. Don't freak out, its just the data information, the content, phone numbers any other personal information remains private and Google cannot access it, according to the Google support site.

That contrasts spam reports manually sent by users to Google, which include the full message sent by the spammer (plus, a copy may be sent to mobile carriers as well). We’ve reached out to Google for more information on its launch plans and for details on the data its spam protection feature does gather.

AI vs spambots

We still don't have anything confirmed by Google officials, regarding how it would actually work. Presumably, Google's famous machine-learning algorithms will be deployed to identify messages that could be suspect.

Google has been working on its messaging apps lately, with this new spam update, and the RCS protocol. If this app is to be Google's latest iMessage challenger – following on from the likes of Hangouts and Allo – spam controls could be another feature to tempt users in.

Have you received Spam Protection on your Android Messages app? Does it work as described? Above is all the information that we have come across, now you have to decide if you want to use this update or you want to turn it off.