7 Must-Have Screen Protectors For iPhone XS Max

Are you looking for protection to your new iPhone Xs Max? The way to safeguard your smartphone is by use of a screen protector. Then, you need to discover, which can withstand scratches. Here, we discuss some of the must-have high-quality screen protectors to counter the risks. An extraordinary guard offers high resistance, clarity, and sensitivity and is also bubble-free. This article will help you discover more about the exceptional 7 iPhone XS Max protectors.

 Supcase Protectors

The Supcase protector prides in 3D hard glass which enhances your viewing capacity. Apart from the extreme clearness, the design makes it very sensitive to touch. This guard never losses its responsiveness and remains more convenient. So, the applications will effortlessly slip on the screen. Additionally, the high-quality glass makes the phone hardy and durable. Supcase guard comes in dual packets.

 Best tempered glass for iphone Xs max

 Omoton HD


The manufacturer of OMOTON has every time created considerable screen protectors for iPhones. Thus, this brand offers what a guard needs to stay reliable for your touchscreen. The high-grade glass provides average and essential stiffness to the screen. The accurate and bubble-free model correctly and efficiently fits the screen. Also, the outstanding feature of Omoton HD is the layer making it fingerprints and dirt resistant. The sensitivity to touch stays for a long time.


 Best tempered glass for iphone Xs max

 KuGi HD

The construction of KuGi screen guard has your iPhone XS Max durability in mind. This hardened glass protector makes it the most robust and versatile globally. The making with an oleophobic layer leaves your screen stain and fingerprint free. This protector cleans away any dirt making the touch use smooth.  Also, the glass has no impact on the touch precision and sensitivity. The bubble-free glue feature makes fixing it unproblematic.

Moreover, the cutouts are on point and never affects the sensors and front-facing camera. The other outstanding thing is the clearness; the KuGi protector offers an ideal view.

 Best tempered glass for iphone Xs max

 Pehael Screen Guard

Pehael screen guard comes with a slightly thick design which shields from smash. This iPhone’s tempered glass screen will thus repel marks effortlessly. The complete bubble-free adhesive makes it easy to install and without marks. An additional feature is the water-resistant and oleophobic layer which keeps the device dirt free.

The curved ends help the Pehael screen guard to install correctly. The high transparency gives you quality viewing experience on the screen. The protector is highly confidential since your sensitive data stays safe from intruders. Above all else, the protector comes in a package of three.

 Best tempered glass for iphone Xs max


 ESR Protector

 This iPhone Xs Max protector has rounded edges, which offers complete screen coverage. The precise cutouts keep the guard from preventing the sensors and camera from working well.  This protector also features a toughened glass. So, having an ESR protector guarantees high-clarity and unsurpassed strength.

 Best tempered glass for iphone Xs max



Aslanda creators have stayed on top to offer screen protectors for your iPhone Xs Max. The high-quality guard has a rounded edge offering maximum screen cover. Also, the high-grade strengthened glass makes the display and viewing experience better. This feature keeps your phone from marks and counterattack breakings. Additionally, the screen remains fingerprints free and very sensitive. The guard comes in packs of three.

 Best tempered glass for iphone Xs max


 Bovon Screen Protector


Bovon screen protector serves well for your iPhone Xs Max. the top-quality guard with a tempered glass offers an edge-to-edge defense. The toughness makes the gadget withstands marks from screen damage.  Also, the oleophobic layer avoids sweat and dirt from the screen thus the sensitivity to touch stays longer.


 Best tempered glass for iphone Xs max


One of the ways to maintain your iPhone Xs Max original look is to invest in a screen protector. With the above-discussed defenders, the gadget remains free from marks or casual wear. Go for the alternative less weighty designed protection which is easier to handle. With the any of these tempered glass protectors, you get spared from added expenses. Why not carry your iPhone with full assurance of a shielded display?