7 Must Buy cases for iPhone XS 

Many users of iPhone XS agree that the aesthetic marvel needs protection. Without a cover, the frequent handling of the phone makes a lot to happen. The introduction of cases reduces reasonable micro-abrasions and other concerns. Even with the old phone covers, brand new cases are existing to maintain the quality.  Read on to get some ideas of designs likely to prolong your device.

 VRS Damda Glide Design

The Damda Glide has ideal compatibility with your iPhone and its accessories. The flexible model provides a compact defense.  The making includes a compartment for storing other items. The precise cutouts also ensure quick access to your cards and cash. The case has a smooth sliding slot to hide the things in your pocket firmly. Additionally, the installation and removing are comfortable in a snap. So you delight in the smooth and suitable method to secure your valuables together.

Clayco Xenon

The Clayco Xenon case offers protection and elegance at the same time. The heavy-duty item has a slim design full of 360 degrees security.  The case provides comprehensive coverage to your iPhone. As well, the incorporated screen defender leaves the device sensitive.  The featured TPU lining and strong polycarbonate are shock-absorbent.  

Such a wraparound on the outside covering makes your phone free from marks and damages. Xenon is compatible with your iPhone XS Max and enhances the look. The precise and clear-cut design offers ease in using the accessories ports.

 iphone Xs max case

  DTTO Case

The case design features silicone rubber material. The material gives a smooth surface and a scratch resistant functionality. The clear case has a soft-touch feeling when held on your hands. On the other end, the inside layer has a honeycomb outline. The cushion discharges heat thus protecting your device from overheating. The packed DTTO case matches your device and provides an aesthetic style.

 iphone Xs max case


The pocket-friendly RANVOO iPhone XS Max Case features a smooth finish. The design allows you to quickly put in and out the device to your pocket with a good feel. The covering also embraces an oleophobic layer which keeps off dirt and marks.

Additionally, the double layer structure gives a strong defense against drop impact. The clear case as well displays your phone’s unique design. The back is transparent to preserve the original appearance over time. This simple structure and lightweight suits use on all occasions as it adds no weight.



  X-Doria Defense Shield

The concrete X-Doria Defense Shield is the decisive system to protect your iPhone XS. The heavy-duty, cover features a soft rubber lining from the inside. The wraparound guard from drops and prevent any screen abrasions to your device. From the back, the transparent polycarbonate prevents complete covering of your phone.

Additionally, the included sound system intensifies the lowest speaker. The channel passes on sound providing the most elegant experience. The case is easy to fix due to the Snap-on creation.

 iphone Xs max case


 The crafted Torras Case is the best compliment to your iPhone XS Max. The design features a silicone layer to allow a comfortable fit around the other buttons. The lightweight and curved edges suit your device without adding weight. So you will carry the smartphone everywhere you go. Additionally, the smooth microfiber inside layer guards your iPhone. On the exterior, the glossy, soft-feel surface makes you feel great on the grip.

 iphone Xs max case


VIVIBIN case is compatible with your iPhone XS Max device. The featured perfect fit provides you with defense, elegance, and ease of use. The case has a high-quality TPU shaped design for fitting and protection from marks. With this designed case, you can use the buttons and ports on the edges of your phone. Also, the non-slip and soft material make it useful and classy.

 iphone Xs max case


With the daily usage of your iPhone XS, the device becomes continuously delicate. You have no liberty to treat the phone anymore carelessly. So starting today, grab your designed case to enjoy prolonged use. Always keep in mind the flexibility, quality and the transparency during use.