5 Best Screen Protectors for Your Vivo NEX

The design of Vivo’s hottest flagship has honestly amazing looks. The features of the smartphone, Vivo Nex, will compel you to buy it. But the high-cost investment makes sense if you consider a decent screen protector. For a quick selection, the article highlights the best-tempered glasses available. Take a look!

vivo nex screen protector

1. Flipkart SmartBuy

Without doubts, Flipkart makes the best screen protector for your Vivo NEX. Made from sturdy Japanese glass, you are sure of the 9H hardness rating. The glass will protect your device well from daily scratches and drops. Your screen gets a full cover from this thin black edge as it fits the bezels. Its oleophobic layer prevents fingerprints and smudges.

2. Hupshy

The Hupshy screen protector offers edge-to-edge coverage. The 0.3mm thick glass has an oleophobic coating to prevent stains and fingerprints. Without added bulk to your Vivo NEX, the protector is also shattered and shock resistant. The properties will successfully leave the stunning bezel-less display new.

3. Azzil

If you desire a clear screen protector, then Azzil’s glass is a top choice. The protector provides a 9H hardness guaranteeing scratch and shatters the free screen. The self-adhering glass is easy and quick to install. What's more, you get shielded from UV light.

4. Sanguine

The Sanguine screen protector has a 9H hardness leaving your Vivo NEX’s display blemish free. The glass comes with a strong adhesive layer making it easy to put on and without residue when detached. The protector as well offers UV safety as you use your device.

5. Mobihub

You can let your Vivo NEX rock with the Mobihub, screen protector. The case-friendly protector has a lip making it a better choice for your Vivo NEX’s edges. With a 0.3mm thickness, you will feel no impact on touch sensitivity and bulk. The featured anti-fingerprint oleophobic layer leaves your screen smudge-free after prolonged use.

Well, Hupshy case will keep your Vivo NEX’s beautiful screen as the new one looked. You will enjoy the perfect material quality and the smooth feel on your device.  So, with this brand, you do not lose touch sensitivity as well as safety.