5 Best Screen Protectors For Your Poco F1

Seeing your new Poco F1’s screen shatter is heartbreaking and breaks the bank. So, there is no other right decision than keeping the device secured and rocking. With the many screen protectors in the market, it is tiring to decide on the best one. Here are the best Poco f1 screen protectors you can buy. Check out for defensive measures to an entire display.

poco f1screen protectors

1. MobiExpress

MobiExpress screen protectors are 0.3mm thick to add no change to your Poco F1. With 9H hardness and scratch resistant, you enjoy the great extent of clarity and unrestricted vision. The glass also has an oleophobic layer to minimize smudges and marks.


For full coverage and protection then jolies tempered glasses work well. The darkened edges help fit the protector perfectly and also shield your Poco F1’s display. The glass has an anti-fingerprint layer, and the design makes it durable.


Clorox glass offers edge-to-edge protection to Poco F1. The 9H hardness and 2.5D all round curves make it durable and cover friendly. Your display, therefore, has reduced risks to breaking. With an anti-fingerprint and anti-glare coating, the design allows it to tolerate drops.


Clumsy Poco F1 users have no excuse of breaking tempered glass. If you are a champion, the five pack Trenzo will be a good pick. Not only will you save on the budget but also preserve your displays looks. The screen protector has an oleophobic layer to prevent smudges and marks.


The packed tempered glass, Comoro, keeps your Poco F1’s display safe and new always. The unique Gorilla/Asahi glass has a 0.3mm thickness to give an excellent viewing experience. The protector has an anti-smudge and anti-fingerprint oleophobic layer for supreme clarity. The 2.5D rounded edges ensure the protector fits precisely on your display.

There is no gambling in regards to your Poco F1’s screen safety. The best decision is to get the official Poco F1 case. Considering this not only leaves your phone powerful but also looking good.