5 Best Oppo A7 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Oppo continues with the trend of releasing affordable devices for you to consider. The exciting latest trend, however, has a screen that gives you joy when it is intact. So, your new smartphone will remain at its best when offered the best possible care.  Investing in a properly tempered glass screen protector and using it with a case is ideal. The article gives the best options available for your Oppo A7’s screen.

 oppo a7 tempered glasses

a.Torubia Screen Protector for Oppo A7

Like other smartphones, Oppo A7 is prone to daily accidents. The design of Torubia keeps your device safe from the possible severe damages. The glass features the right plastic material and elevated bumpers to offer high shock absorption. The protector is durable and sleek to withstand daily dirt and smudge.


b. DEEMS Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Oppo A7

If you are looking for a tempered glass that is anti-scratch then Deems will work best for you. The ultrathin protector ensures your phone stays without damages and sensitive touch. With this model, you will not worry about scratches, dirt, and fingerprints. The color of your screen remains as the original due to the super transmittance.


c. SOEZIT Screen Protector for Oppo A7

The glass from Soezit not only protects your phone but also offers personal safety. The easy to install glass does not produce debris after dropping on a rough surface. The surface of this protector provides 99 % HD clarity, 9H hardness, and screen accuracy.


d. Carrywrap Tempered Glass

Carrywrap protector has a chemically treated glass providing an excellent display. Despite being black, you will enjoy high screen sensitivity and a comfortable feel. Its anti-fingerprint coating prevents marks and smudges on the screen. The glass is slim with 0.3mm thickness and 9H hardness rating on the surface.


For a super level of Oppo A7 screen safety, the Soezit tempered glass will work best. The protector has silicone known to be shock-absorbent to cover the vulnerable display. With this glass, your smartphone is adequately safe from high drop impact.