5 Best Huawei Y9 Screen Tempered Glasses


Huawei mostly comes with preinstalled and temporary screen protectors. So, using the phone without a protector will mean easy scratch to the body. The features like the screen, therefore, need permanent solutions. Getting tempered glass is worth the high priced phone, Y9. Here is a list of the best 5 tempered glassed for your handset. Read on and keep the phone intact.

Huawei Y9 Tempred glass protectors

a.LK Three Pack

Many love the three pack offering of this tempered glass protector. The protector has an oleophobic layer to avoid smudges on the screen. LK has a 9H hardness leaving your phone resistant to scratch es and drop impact. You get to enjoy HD, full and clear viewing from the stylish screen.

b. Orzero Tempered Glass

The other top level of the tempered glass screen protector is by considering Orzero. Your phone stays resistant to shock and scratch due to the 9H hardness. The protector has a 2.5D edge and full clarity for complete compatibility to your Y9. The fixing kit has a dirt remover, wipes, and dry cloth for cleaning.

c. Annure Ultra thin Glass

If you need an ultra-thin glass, then Annure will give you what you deserve. The high-quality protector merges with your Y9’s body as it has a compact nature. The design lets you also enjoy using the buttons, a smooth feel, and easy removal.

d. Skinomi Screen Protector

Skinomi has for long offered film like screen protectors for Y9 phone screens. The flexibility provides a significant advantage of covering curved edges perfectly. The transparency makes it invisible with proper protection without shortcomings. The self-healing ability makes your screen free from dust, dirt, and scratch.

c. Supershieldz

The two-fold pack from Supershieldz is excellent for protecting your Y9’s screen. With the perfect cutouts, you still enjoy using your device without hindrance. Its Oleophobic and Hydrophobic layers keep your screen fingerprint, smudge and sweat free.

The Y9 remains the most excellent phones from Huawei. The Skinomi will make your large screen appear more powerful. The case will protect your device from scratches and smashing. In the end you have added robust touch.