5 Best Google Pixel 3 XL Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

The big phone display enthusiasts have the shiny Pixel 3 XL to boast about today. Like other phones, the device can take a fall leaving the screen shattered. Fortunately, the market has various screen protectors to keep the body beautiful. Among the options, here are some of the recommended defenders for your device. Read on for the best ones!

Google Pixel 3 XL Tempered Glasses

a.Whitestone Tempered Glass

Many become fans of Whitestone because it offers an entire coverage. The easy to apply protector is clear and with a smooth feel to touch. You will experience no impact on your Pixel 3XL’s screen sensitivity. With features as the oleophobic layer, the best fit glass reduce smudges.


b.InvisibleShield Tempered Glass

The famous mobile accessories names like Shield gives excellent products to Pixel 3 XL users. The InvisibleShield protector protects your phone's screen from cracks and scratches. The accompanying easy fit tray ensures the top-notch lines up right. It also blends well with many cases giving a good feel and looks even when on the screen.


c.Caseology Two-Pack

Expect decent screen protection with the two-pack and affordable Caseology. The particular fitting frame enables you to achieve an excellent and lined fit. Of course, you have no worries if you had purchased Pixel 3 XL cases. It will work very well without changing your phone's look and feel.


d.Skinomi Tempered Glass

Skinomi continues to design protectors for tons and various gadgets. In the same way, your Pixel 3 XL receives longtime experience with the tempered glass. The style withstands the most destructive impacts giving an ever beautiful screen. Undoubtedly, your touchscreen remains responsive as the phone does without it.

e.LK Trio Pack

LK guarantees you a lot more bang-for-your-buck. The trio pack protectors have a unique adhesive that you can wash and use again. When applied, your Pixel 3 XL enjoys excellent protection. The glass is  undetectable on your screen wirh no expected changes.


All of the above are excellent choices for Pixel 3 XL devices. But the Whitestone Dome Glass is many people’s favorite. The unique screen protector is affordable and easy to install. Well, this is a perfect treat worthy splurging your cash to what it offers.