5 Best Cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Ever since Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 9, debates over the best case for the phone are everywhere on the Internet. Finding a good case for your newly-purchased Note 9 should be among your top priorities. The case will help shield your phone against physical damage and improve its overall appearance. If you’re wondering which case you should buy, choose one from the five Note 9 cases discussed below.


ProCase Leather Wallet Case

ProCase always has the interests of smartphone users with its broad collection of cases. If you’re in need of an extra functional case, consider the ProCase Leather Wallet Case. Just like its name suggests, this product has pure leather as its main material. It bears the name ‘wallet’ since ProCase designed it to fit in your pocket.


You can use the Leather Wallet Case from ProCase to carry credit and debit cards. The case aims at delivering topnotch protection to your Galaxy Note 9. Its premium design guarantees you of owning a high-quality product.


Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Getting a case for your Note 9 that delivers great protection and occupies less space is quite an accomplishment. With the Spigen Rugged Armor Case, you can easily achieve this goal. The Rugged Armor Case boasts of carbon fiber accents that can complement the appearance of your Galaxy Note 9.

 samsung galaxy case

Spigen primarily used rugged TPU material to make the case for it to be easy to install. The product also has a matte finish that makes it easy to hold. Its design allows it to fit perfectly with the edges of phones such as the Note 9. Spigen used the term ‘armor’ to name the case due to its exceptional capability of protecting your phone.


Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro rugged Holster Case

Rugged-style cases are increasingly becoming popular among smartphone users. The Unicorn Beetle Pro from Supcase stands out from its competitors since it features a built-in screen protector. The case also comes with an optional belt clip holster. Judging from its design, the Unicorn Beetle Pro is among the few rugged-style cases you find in the market today.

 samsung galaxy case sturdy

Samsung LED View Cover

Samsung has a fair share of the smartphone market. The Samsung LED View Cover is among the four case styles that the company offers Note 9 users. Since it doesn’t come with your Galaxy Note 9, you need to buy it separately. The LED View Cover guarantees you the best protection for your newly-purchased phone.

 galaxy cover

The LED View Cover has an edge over other smartphone cases sold in the market based on its design. Samsung designed it to precisely fit on your Note 9. The company also made it to improve the elegance of your brand new phone.


VRS Design Heavy Duty Clear Case

Consider getting the VRS Design Heavy Duty Clear Case if you want your Note 9 to be transparent when the case is on. The two-piece case comes with a shock absorbing TPU bumper and a sturdy acrylic backing. Unlike other clear cases, the VRS Design product doesn’t turn yellow in color when used for a long time. The Heavy Duty Clear Case may suit you if you would like to show off your phone’s elegant design.

 Samsung Galaxy vrs cover

Summing Up

Getting an ideal case for your Galaxy Note 9 is one of the measures that you should take to protect it against scratches and spills. Choose a case based on your style preferences and the amount of cash you have to spare. A good cover should fit well with the edges of your phone and complement its appearance. It should also be lightweight and sleek in terms of design.