4 Top Asus ROG Phone Screen Protectors

 The Asus ROG epitomizes the peak of what ASUS has created for many decades. The phone has a stunning design, specifications and a compelling display. All that you never liked about the previous model got fixed to become a brand new phone. Unfortunately, the hard sidewalk can make it full of scratches and cracks in one drop. The article gives the best screen protectors to keep your handset safe.

 Asus ROG Screen protectors

a. 2- pack TopACE Asus ROG Phone Tempered Glass

The TopAce screen protector will keep your ROG’s screen crack and scratch-free. The durable design allows an exceptional and excellent job of no visible wears. The HD clarity gives a crystal-clear view without any form of glare. The 9H-rating gives edge-to-edge coverage as it has no interference with the sensitivity. TopACE promises no annoying bubbles during installation.


b. Lamshaw Tempered Glass for ASUS ROG Phone

Lamshaw offers you a chance to use its good screen protector without any concerns. The protector has a thin HD AGC glass which is anti-shutter and anti-fingerprint. You enjoy screen clarity and reveal the real color without affecting its accuracy. The protector has curved edges for a comfortable grip during use.


c. Supershieldz

Are you looking for a perfect screen protector for your Asus ROG? Then Supersheldz is the product to extend its lifespan without compromised user experience. The construction features some high-quality tempered-glass for scratch protection and durability. Although the package has two pieces, you get a bubble-free experience when installing. The oleophobic and hydrophobic layer prevents fingerprints and sweat.


d. Skinomi TechSkin Screen Protector for Asus ROG

Well, tempered glass protectors are but tend to crack easily than film protectors. If you are not looking for the glassy life, Skinomi provides an appealing option for your device. The laser cutting applied matches the screen protector’s size to the dimensions of the Asus ROG. The film fits well and is easy to install because of the grid adhesive which does not need any solution.


If you value your Asus ROG, then you should ensure the precious screen stays intact. So, while shopping for a screen protector, never hesitate on getting the Skinomi. The protector is a clear option for safety against scratch as well as keeping your phone looking new.