4 Best Screen Protectors for Nokia 8.1 (Nokia X7)

If you proudly own the Nokia 8.1, then you need a case or cover for safety. The latest release has a unique design making it an excellent device to show off to the world. From the design, specifications to the enhanced features, the affordable smartphone is outstanding. Well, the added layer of protection is ideal for mobile devices. Here are some of the best protective covers and cases available for the flagship!

 nkia x7 screen protectors

1. MOCOLO Screen Film for Nokia 8.1

If you do not love the feel of glass protection, the Mocolo film will work best for you. Generally, films of this kind are easy to install and comes with an application tray. With this kit, you perfectly align the protector to your screen without any mess. The 2.5D and 9H rating ensure durability, full coverage, and sensitivity of the display.  The ultra-thin feature prevents scratches and fingerprints.


2. Nillkin Amazing H screen protector for Nokia 8.1 (Nokia X7)

NILLKIN uses Japan’s AGC glass material and HARVES technology for excellent performance. The high transmittance capacity makes the protector show the original screen color. It has an anti-glare layer to prevent glare and offer 9H hardness up to 9H. The display surface remains without scratch, fingerprints, and blowout. Its thickness is only 0.33mm with precise CNC cutting technology.


3. Caseline Screen Protector for Nokia 8.1

The Caseline protector got designed to protect Nokia 8’s screen from scratches. The processed clear glass and damage resistant material keep away fingerprints and smudges. In the end, the response to touch and clarity is not interfered with once installed. 


4. Ultimate Shield Screen Protector for Nokia 8.1

Not only will you get the style from the Ultimate Shield glass, but also protection. The processed protector helps in impact absorption and withstand possible daily harsh encounters. With a 9H surface hardness, it is robust to leave the display without scratches. The installation process is easy and never interferes with the delicate touch.


When you invest in Nokia 8, then the Mocolo film will keep the display intact. Well, this protector guarantees a shock absorbing layer without breaking the screen. The design is insurance that no smartphone owner should walk without installing.