4 Best Huawei Mate 20 Pro Screen Protectors


The fancy Huawei Mate 20 Pro has neat features like glossy design and a huge screen.  Of course, the curved display makes specific screen protectors not to fit perfectly. So, as you grab the phone get a protector to keep it safe from daily life hazards alongside a case. Here are the notch tempered glasses to have your device looking new over time.

 Mate 20 screen protectors

a. MoKo Tempered Glass

Moko is famous in offering excellent screen protectors for phones with curved glasses. Like others, the 2.5D curve on the glass makes it blend well into your device’s body. That arc prevents damages, degradation, and abuse from your cases. In the end, your tempered glass remains durable and effective.  The hardened protector meets 9H rating with color-matched bezels for full protection.


b. 3-Pack Orzero HD Film

Sometimes the best-tempered glass screen protectors struggle with curves. You can consider the 3-pack film from Orzero made from Military-grade material for Mate 20 Pro. The added layer prevents smudges, fingerprints, and self-heals the display. Also, it is 99.9% clear, durable, and affordable to prevent scratches.


c. AOLANDER 3D Tempered Glass

The AOLANDER is a great protector for slew phones like Mate Pro 20. The glass has a 0.33mm thinness and no one can notice it due to the way it blends on your device. The 9H hardness rating makes harsh items not to scratch or break it. This screen protector has minimized color-matched bezels around it.


d. IPG Invisible Guard HD Film

The IPG Invisible Guard film is excellent for holders and potential Mate 20 Pro buyers. The manufacturer uses durable military-grade film to keep your phone protected over time. The feature, the forces from accidents get absorbed leaving the display to self-heal. The quality film will not leave your device discolored after prolonged use.


Well, carrying a killer smartphone without tempered glass is risky.  If you need a protector that blends with your Huawei Mate 20 Pro, then IPG Invisible Guard is the option. Your gadget remains free from cracks, shatter, or dented with guaranteed clear vision.